Angst Hour came about one day when Lancer and his friend Andrea were at a happy Hour on the Hill, and were having a great time, but…the environment during “happy” hours isn’t very conducive to celebrating/commiserating with other like minded darklings. They wanted to do something about it, so the Angst Hour was hatched!

Angst Hour v1.0 (2010-2011):

Andrea and Lancer communicated the Angst Hour idea to Tara, who did alot of work getting the Angst Hour branded: “We’re Goths and we like to drink. We went to happy hours at bars and nightclubs around Seattle with our own music, and voila! Instant party in a (black) box!” We liked this version VERY MUCH! But Lancer became busy with college; Tara took a break because of burnout. Meanwhile, the Hill became gentrified- we lost the businesses that supported our cause in allowing us to play our own music.

Angst Hour v2.0 (2015):

Angst Hour returned with Luke on board. It turned into a pre-func for other events and had a good, short run and much interest.

Angst Hour v3.0 (2016-Present):

Angst Hour had renewed interest and with Morgue Anne and Ethan on board, we started it up again by taking the event to various bars and restaurants around Seattle. We have a few places we enjoy but their Happy Hours don’t run late enough for our fans, so we keep looking. We also would love to find a regular venue that would allow us to provide our own music- a jukebox that we could load, a speaker system where we could hook up a laptop with a setlist to play, or a small space (even a counter) where one of our laptop DJs could spin would suffice! Angst Hour events are now on Mondays from 5:30-8:00 p.m., at rotating venues. Check our Page for updates!

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