Many have worn the sash of Seattle Gothic title holder over the years! If you’d like to be a future title holder, participate in our annual Seattle Gothic Pageant!

Gothic Royalty I – 2001

Gim Shadowbear and Cate Englehart

Gothic Royalty II – 2003

Lily and Adam

Gothic Royalty III

Mike Graves & Victoria Frederickson

Gothic Royalty IV – 2005

Jamie Strange & Janese Taylor

Gothic Royalty V

Hellgeist & Stacy

Gothic Royalty V – 2007

Eric Schroeder & Jennifer Dowling

Gothic Royalty VI –

Eric Pope & Lori Dyann

Gothic Royalty VII –

Romer & Dorothy Faith

Gothic Royalty VIII

Gennifer Holland & Valentine Graves

Gothic Royalty VIII – 2014

Nicole Valentine & Alex Decay

Gothic Royalty 2015

Kendall Hanson & Ashen Witherburn

Gothic Royalty – 2017

Laila Autumn & Cherry Sur Bete 

Gothic Royalty – 2018

Tony Mireck and Bethany Surber
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