If you feel passionately about The Gothic LGBTQ Community, and you’re willing and able to donate time and energy to help others feel included, we would love to meet you.

Gothic Pride Seattle, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, has a need for volunteer board members whose primary focus is to further foster the vibrant Gothic community in Seattle. We need passionate people to coordinate events, create graphics, and work with social media; but most of all, we need others to help us be a positive guiding force toward acceptance and support in Seattle.

Previous nonprofit experience is great, but passion to learn is key. Being on the board of G.P.S. is a great way to gain experience, meet wonderfully creative people, Most of all, it’s a way to show that no matter one’s orientation, fashion, or skill level, we can create a strong caring supportive community together.

Thank you for your interest in applying to become a board member for Gothic Pride Seattle.

Please read before applying:

As Officers and Members of the Board of Gothic Pride (GPS), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we recognize a special responsibility to serve the public interest and welfare, particularly of the Gothic community. We are dedicated to conducting ourselves always with the highest degree of integrity and honesty in support of the GPS mission and upholding the good reputation of our organization. This is the common duty and responsibility of all officers and board members.

As an Officer or Member of the Board, I will:

  • Recognize that authority is vested in legal meetings of the board, not individual board members, and I will support the majority decisions of the board;
  • Stay informed about developments and issues that may come before the board, to which I owe my best judgment;
  • Act always in good faith and with the care and diligence that a prudent person in this position would exercise;
  • Attend a majority of meetings, and participate in discussions and actions of the board;
  • Ensure that the organization is financially secure and that funds are appropriately used to achieve the goals of the organization and in keeping with the wishes of our donors;
  • Use organizational resources only for their intended purpose and never convert them to personal use;
  • Honor the confidentiality of board proceedings and financial reports;
  • Conform all my actions to the requirements of the law and ethical principles;
  • Recognize that my job is to ensure that the organization is well managed, not to manage it myself, and to treat other officers, board members, and volunteers respectfully at all times.

Download your application here:

GPS Board-Member Application (Word format)
Print , complete, sign, and give to any GPS Board Member.  Or send your completed and signed application to:  Info@GothicPrideSeattle.org

Thank you!

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