The Gothic Seattle Pageant A Brief History:

Representing the Seattle Gothic community in a spirit of fun, pride and unity in cooperation with LGBTQ and other surrounding communities, we will be posting regarding Events, Fundraisers, & Pride week activities.

About The Judges:

Seattle Gothic Pageant 2024

Judges for the pageant are usually people who have been part of the community as public figures, business owners, and even past royals!

The winner will be selected by a panel of judges, who will make their decisions based on their pageant performance.

Each performance will consist of three parts:

  • Personal gothic style/ fashion
  • Dance (to a randomly selected goth/industrial track)
  • Question and answer

Entry Requirements:

Contestants must be 21 years of age, reside and stay in the greater Puget Sound area throughout their reign.

Winners must be willing and able to participate in any Gothic Pride Seattle related events and activities during their reign.

Titleholder Responsibilities:

• Attend Pride Day Events.
• Create at least one fundraiser for GPS during their reign.
• Attend or assist at GPS social events.
• Function as GPS ambassador as needed.
• Communicate with and attend GPS board meetings.
• Attend annual Gothic Pageant for title hand-over.

*If the winner is unable to fulfill this duty, the title will be passed to the next runner-up.

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