Back in 2009, I wracking my brain trying to come up with a fun and affordable way for Seagoths to food together once more, and a friend half jokingly suggested doing Gothic Pho. As I was discussing this idea with Graves, Goth Pho was somehow inverted to Pho Goth and the idea of attending DIE at Mercury afterwards was introduced to the mix.

Our first gathering was Tuesday, March 31st of 2009. We met at the now defunct Pho 900 (it’s a post office now). The first night was a raging success, and an absolute nightmare. The staff got most of the orders wrong, but we didn’t care-we were having FUN.

Shortly after, we regularly held the event at Pho Cyclo, but that’s too far away from the Merc, and their reservation process is unreliable.

This time, we’re going to be trying the smaller and more intimate Tangerine Tree, which is literally down the street from the Merc. Also, instead of doing RSVP’s, which was like herding cats, this will be more of a, “lets meet here and grab a few tables” kind of thing. Like I said, the place is small-maybe 20 to 25 seats, so don’t be late!

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