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Gothic Pride Seattle

This page lists fundraisers, dance parties, club nights, under 21 socials, workshops and other events sponsored and run by the Gothic Pride Seattle Board Our Mission Statement: Gothic Pride Seattle is an all-inclusive nonprofit 501(c)3 organization working to help strengthen and empower our diverse community through advocacy, education, social, and fundraising events. We strive to help make safe and lasting connections and alliances within and throughout the Seattle Gothic community, as well as in the greater Seattle area. Through hosting and participating in local gothic events, we help strengthen and unify our community and promote connections. We create visibility through our float in Seattle’s yearly Pride Parade, and invite all community members to join us and celebrate your gothic pride!
Gothic Pride Seattle
Gothic Pride Seattle3 days ago
Dear Community,

It is with heavy heart that we announce we will not have a float this year in the Pride parade. We we still be in the parade, but marching only. We know this excludes those with mobility issues and we are hoping to plan something for after the parade that can include everyone. If you have ideas on that, please let us know!

We have been meaning to redesign and update the float for a while now. I had tried to reach out to the community to find if anyone had interest in helping with the redesign but did not receive much feedback. The Seattle Pride Committee changed the entry fee and to save money for the float redesign, we opted to only have marchers this year.

We are hoping to have a newly designed float next year but we need your help! Please contact us if you are interested in helping with this! We need all the help we can for this project; the float is for you!

We are hoping to still bring out our giant bat but making it mobile on its own so it can be pushed/pulled along. Additionally, we will still have our banners that will need to be carried. I would also like to come up with other items the community members can hold/carry during the parade.

We will still make sure to have coolers of water to hand out. I know I will be able to provide a rolling cooler but we will need more for that day. If you have one to share, please let us know!

Additionally, we are always looking for new board members and have several positions open at this time. Please reach out to any of us for more information.

Thank you,
Peggy Stoneburner
President and Pride Coordinator
Gothic Pride Seattle
Gothic Pride Seattle
Gothic Pride Seattle shared their post.2 weeks ago

Gothic Pride Seattle Presents: Pageant 2017

May 28th @ the Baltic Room

Gothic Pride Seattle now begins its search for new representatives. This Gothic Pageant is open to all. This is not a beauty pageant nor a popularity contest. We strive to find those with strong leadership skills and a need to volunteer their time to the Goth community in Seattle. To help it grow and thrive. To inspire people to have a good time. Not just in the clubs, but in everyday life.

Please join us for the 2017 Gothic Seattle Pageant:
Rita Hall Savoie and Ambyr Prince will be hosting us once again at Resurrection at the Baltic Room (1207 Pine St. Seattle).
(more details to be announced shortly)

Pageant will take place from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Then dancing from 10:00pm to close!


$7 cover.
$2 off with Crypticon Seattle badge, Mercury stamp, or GPS patch.

Happy thanksgiving

From us at Gothic Pride Seattle,
Today we are thankful for our strong, passionate, and caring community. We hope this day finds you surrounded by love ones, friends, and family of all types. Today is a day of healing, of bridging divides, and accepting, this year more than most it’s truly needed.
We have a lot of struggles coming up the next few years, and we will bring in a more accepting world together as a community with love and work. But for today lets be thankful what we do have, the strong bounds we have both in family and friends.
Happy thanksgiving,
Love Kenny,
(GPS Board member)

Announcement 9-15-15

We have some exciting announcements!

As you know, we recently opened up applications for those who were interested in joining us for a 2-year volunteer term as a Board Member at Gothic Pride Seattle. We also elected a new Baby Bat Ambassador, and voted in the new President and Vice President of Gothic Pride Seattle!

Please join us in welcoming the newest additions to GPS!

We have two new Board members, Tara LaPeligrosa Lee and Kenneth Daniel Pedersen, and one renewing member, Lily Munn.

If you’ve been to the Mercury, it is very likely that Tara was the one who let you in or checked your coat. Tara has been an important part of the Seattle Gothic scene for many many years. She is a former GPS Board member (and President!), and after a small hiatus, she has returned and we are so happy to have her back!

is new to GPS, but not to the community! Very recently, you might have seen him around our Pride Parade float, taking photos and video alongside our GPS Pride photographer. He is also responsible for the “Kelfie” (Selfie with Kenneth!), which has become very popular. We are excited to have him working with us!

Lily has been serving as a Gothic Pride Seattle Board member since 2013. Her 2-year term ended last month, which gave her the option to step down or reapply to continue being a Board member. She reapplied, and was voted in by the remaining Board members to serve another 2-year term. Thank you, Lily!

We also have a new Baby Bat Ambassador, Malcolm Findley! In a scene with so many 21+ events, it can be hard to find all-ages or even 18+ events, and we want to make sure that no one is left out! Our goal is to continue to bridge the age gap in our community, and the Baby Bat Ambassador helps to create a liaison for all the under 21 Baby Bats. We are excited to have Malcolm as our ambassador and liaison, and look forward to working with him and strengthening our community even more.

From Malcolm: “I am thrilled to be a part of the community as your Baby Bat Ambassador! My goal is to make younger folks feel more welcomed, and safe to be themselves. I’m hoping to put together more all-ages events, and community get-togethers; as well as charitable drives. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any help, or just someone to talk to. I will do my best to assist you wherever I’m able.”

We have also changed up the schedule for our Open Crypt meetings.

For those who don’t know, Open Crypt (like Open House, but for Goths) meetings are for anyone to come and meet with some of the GPS Board members and talk about ideas, events, make suggestions, etc.

Several months back, we wanted to see if having at least one a week would help to provide more opportunities for participation, but it ended up spreading everyone a little thin (and getting a little confusing), so we’re going to to scale back a bit.

Starting in October, there will be two monthly Open Crypt meetings. One will be 21+ (1st Tuesdays at the Mercury), as the other will be All-Ages (2nd Friday at Tea Republic). This will also enable us to plan and provide more events geared towards social and community-building, such as the Meet-a-Goth, holiday and special events.

And of course, our casual Tea For All socials (3rd Sundays at Remedy Teas) are still going on! We want to thank everyone who has been coming to our events as well! All of you make what we do even more rewarding, and we’re looking forward to the events ahead!



And last but not least, Gothic Pride Seattle has a new President and Vice President! As you know, last month we appointed Lily Munn and Doug Carter as Interim President and Vice President, respectively. This month, after all of our new Board members were in place, we unanimously voted to make Lily and Doug our Official President and Vice President! Both of them have been in the Seattle Gothic community for nearly 2 decades, and been involved with Gothic Pride Seattle since it’s early days. They are dedicated to working together with GPS and our community, now more than ever, to help us keep going forward in a positive direction, help us grow stronger together, and create a safe and stable community-based organization that we can all count on.


So please give a warm welcome to our new members, and congratulations to our new President Lily, and Vice President Doug!